My Favorite Brunch Spots in SD

My boyfriend and I really love going to brunch. We also love taking Bruce with us. He is such a outgoing pup and loves to be around people, which is why we hate to leave him home. I mean..we both work full time, so he is home four days of the week.

These are my favorite dog friendly brunch spots in San Diego (North County).

Le Papagayo

Hands down my favorite places to get brunch in SD! The perfect place to have your Sunday funday as it is such a cute place and very lively.

The food here is AMAZING. I’ve been here for both, brunch and dinner, and never left disappointed. My go-to brunch dish here is the Shrimp and Grits. Get it and thank me later. They also have bottomless mimosas that you can add to your meal, but I always end up getting their World Famous Sangria. My favorite sangria! I haven’t found any sangria that tasted better.

Pro tip: make reservations on Open Table

Claire’s on Cedros

Another great spot to get brunch! My stepsister Lindsay recommended this place to me. A house converted into restaurant, which gives it a cozy feeling. This is our go to spot if we go to the Del Mar Dog Beach right after since it’s pretty much down the street. Be prepared to wait as they don’t take reservations.

My favorite dish to get here is the Tuscan Eggs Benedict, add sweet Italian sausage. SO GOOD. I’m obsessed with eggs Benedict and I tend to get it everywhere.

The servers spoil your pup with their homemade dog treats. You can also purchase them at the counter 🙂


Snooze is an OG brunch place so I thought I’d mention it. Such a cute brunch spot, but it is always busy. Best spot to get pancakes!

I’ve tried mostly everything thing here, but usually get the Eggs Benedict. What I love about this place is that you can get the Benny duo if you can’t decide which one to get. I usually get Bella! Bella! Benny and something else. They change their eggs Benedict menu (by season I think) which I think is really cool! The pancakes are a must here. My boyfriend and I always share the pancake flight! They have so many different flavors to choose from.

Pro tip: Join the waitlist on yelp if you are near by.

Naked Cafe

My go-to place when I want something good and healthy. I love that they have a ‘Look Good Naked’ section which lists how much protein, fiber, carb, fat and calories are in each dish.

When I’m feeling healthy, I always get the Plate of Prosperity and when I wanna splurge, I get the Roast Beef Hash or the Wok Brown Rice.

I still have a ton of places that I need to try. What are your favorite brunch spots to go to?

New Beginnings

I’ve been wanting to start blogging for sometime now, but never got around to it. See, the problem was that I couldn’t figure out what to call my blog.

Enter Bruce— my cute Frenchie pup who I’m OBSESSED with– led me to the idea of Frenchie and the Food. I’ve always been a foodie and loved traveling. Now that I have Bruce, I always want to take him with me, which gave me the idea of finding places that are dog friendly and writing about it to share with others.

So here’s to new adventures, travels and good eats with Bruce!